Adi Parvam

Sabha Parvam

Aranyaka Parvam

Virata Parvam

Udyoga Parvam

Bhishma Parvam

Drona Parvam

Karna Parvam

Shalya Parvam

Sauptika Parvam

Stri Parvam

Shanti Parvam

Anushasana Parvam

Ashvamedhika Parvam

Ashramavasa Parvam

Mausala Parvam

Mahaprasthanika Parvam

Svargarohana Parvam


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  1. bhattathiry said,

    October 7, 2008 at 2:02 pm

    Excellent blog.As clearly explained throughout MahaBharatam, the first element, sky, possesses the unique quality of sound. As creation expands, the second element, air, comes into being, and it possesses sound and touch. The third element, fire, possesses sound, touch and form, and the fourth element, water, possesses sound, touch, form and flavor. The earth possesses sound, touch, form, flavor and aroma. As each element loses its unique distinguishing quality, it naturally becomes indistinguishable from the more subtle elements and is thus effectively dissolved as a unique entity.
    The element fire then seizes the taste from the element water, which, deprived of its unique quality, taste, merges into fire. Air seizes the form inherent in fire, and then fire, deprived of form, merges into air. The element ether seizes the quality of air, namely touch, and that air enters into ether. Then, O King, false ego in ignorance seizes sound, the quality of ether, after which ether merges into false ego. False ego in the mode of passion takes hold of the senses, and false ego in the mode of goodness absorbs the demigods. Then the total mahat-tattva seizes false ego along with its various functions, and that mahat is seized by the three basic modes of nature-goodness, passion and ignorance. My dear King Pariksit, these modes are further overtaken by the original unmanifest form of nature, impelled by time. That unmanifest nature is not subject to the six kinds of transformation caused by the influence of time. Rather, it has no beginning and no end. It is the unmanifest, eternal and infallible cause of creation.

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